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Famous DJ at a recent wedding.

Went to a recent wedding and boom they brought the famous DJ Bizzy, one of those DJ’s that you rarely see at weddings, they are usually doing big stuff events, but it was a surprise for the bride.

Los Cabos Sunset Damonalisa weddings


Los Cabos Dreams Resort and Spa

Photos I recently took of the remodeled Los Cabos Dreams Resort and Spa hotel, one of my all time favorite hotel for weddings.

This first photo is of the newest gazebo they have for weddings.

Los Cabos dreams resort wedding photographers

Los Cabos Dreams Resort and Spa Weddings

The view is always amazing at this pool, I actually used to live right next door to this hotel.


Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Caverns

Wanted to share a trip I did with my family to an awesome place in Mexico, Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Caverns, which are one of the largest cave systems in the world, trully awesome. They are very close to Cuernavaca Morelos.

This is the first time we let them be at a table by themselves, they trully enjoyed it, and we let them order whatever they wanted,  that was the only not so bright idea. haha

Thats all of us….


If you want to know what I like doing when I am not fixing photos or going to weddings, and…. not with my family or friends, it would defenitely be doing this…..

And after riding, getting together and relaxing, and yes talking about our bike ride.