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Clare & Billy wedding at Rancho Leonero

Clare & Billy wedding at Rancho Leonero

This wedding is without a doubt going to be called in my books the “miracle wedding”.  It had rained very hard that day (not normal for Cabo) so I knew everything would be wet, but as I entered the road to The Rancho Leonero Resort the road turned into an extremely slippery road to the extreme!, I had no control of my 4X4, all other 2X4 cars would not make it, you could see them on the road, one of those cars was where Clare (the bride) was but not knowing she was in that vehicle, I passed it… haha and so I got to the hotel and so they asked if i could go get the bride, but someone on the road gave them a lift and got safely to the resort, suddenly it started raining again, enough to possibly cancel the wedding at the beach, all of this while the bride was getting ready, and 20 minutes before the ceremony was to start, boom rain stopped completely, can I pause to say that Clare was smiling like nothing was happening (I was actually more worried).

The ceremony took place and right when it ended the rain started again, as we took the bride n groom photos no rain again, and so the hotel personal started preparing for the dinner location to be outside again (lots of work for staff at Rancho Leonero), and everyone had dinner, first dances etc etc, and once everyone had finished dinner boom rain again so everyone went inside the bar area and started dancing.  Talk about miracle after miracle!

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