Nicole + Jacob, Maroma beach hotel

Nicole and Jacob are some of my favorite couples without a doubt, felt like I was taking photos of true friends, shooting just the two of them made it even easier for me and even more relaxed for them. This wedding was shot in one of my favorite places on earth to take photos, the always awsome Riviera Maya , next door to Cancun. And by the way, Maroma beach hotel is really nice too, this was actually my second time to this location.
Maroma beach reasort wedding riviera maya

Photos taken next to the Maroma beach resort hotel in the Riviera Maya, this is an abandoned hacienda style home.

Maroma beach hotel

maroma beach resort weddings abandoned building

maroma beach resort wedding, photo shoot at next door building.

Bond, James Bond… (I had to say it)

riviera maya abandoned home photo shoot

photo shoot at abandoned building next door to the maroma beach resort

I had to take photos at this abandoned place very close to the Maroma Beach resort hotel, its a 3 minute walk through the beach.

Maroma beach resort abandoned buidling next door to the maroma beach resort

who ever built this home left a really nice building to get eaten by mother earth. Awsome location.

riviera maya weddings maroma beach resort

riviera maya weddings

Love taking photos with this type of scenarios.